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Technology leader talent acquisition

A technical leader has many responsibilities and expected to deal with a lot for stakeholders, business directions, finances, quality growth, value chain including but not limited to development of new products, services, processes and making sure the job where s/he was expected to do more is being addressed patently and genuinely without intermission.

A leader may perform as a leader-leader or leader-worker either as an owner, board, committee, executive or third-party independent practitioner. A leader-leader is the one that is seen, in action and words, to be the best of the best and has earned great respect in leadership covering a major practice or discipline, in an industry, society, technology etcetera, while a leader-worker is one that sets examples of how jobs shall be accomplished, goals achieved, based on agreed upon and designated responsibility, and quantified impactful output, while contemplating adjacent and affected obligation to be taken up as well.


What kind of technology leader do we need as present stakeholder and if there are differences, very specific, to the need of our company or business?

Are we going to hire a specialist?

How many specialisms s/he has to have already acquired for an approximately 15+ years equivalent experience that we should see in a technology leader candidate?

How are those specialized experience, competences, or discipline had been earned?

What education and training that made the technology leader candidate most effective and successful in the job, past and present?

Are those specialized skills able to contribute to the organization's advantage, some business aspect or operational improvement outside, of technology as a business unit, and growth of which s/he has designed and managed an autonomous team member and its production?

What initiative or project has s/he done on his own direction, at work, professionally and/or extra-curricular activities, from the past and at present?

Has the technology leader candidate exposure to corporate and business strategies, where s/he had been part, had caused their plans and objectives became a reality, and even more reliable and efficient?

What did the past employer(s)' reaction, or last words, everytime the technology leader candidate moves out?

Has s/he any feedback about past employer(s), colleagues and team members, what could they be?

If the past employer(s) didn't allow the technology leader candidate to leave, and s/he stays, what could the reason had been?

Is the technology leader candidate expected to deliver or provide significant contribution to the whole enterprise and where we have operating presence?

Which industry do we have business with and operation in?

What makes our industry different from a few significant others?

What did we learn from our industry specialisms when it comes to our very own hiring practices and some successes with the development of our organization's human capital?

What did we accomplish from our past hires, do we have anything that may allow us to do better?

What do we have in our industry when it comes to innovation of processes and technologies that may help us make better decision for qualifying our technology leader candidate, whether or not s/he has experience in our industry?

What makes our industry specialisms, direct experience and suitability different from others that is considered most significant to technology leadership requirement?

Do we expect the new technology leader to grow and manage well our own proprietary processes and technology inventory or do we plan to begin stacking them as soon as s/he gets hired?

What are the preferences of the technology leader candidate when it comes to personal development, work, deliverables, business need, technical solutions, international standards and market brands?

What is our own definition, and how do we see the job, of technology leader in the context of our business, industry and regulatory regimes?

What is the candidate's definition of technology leader in the context of our business, industry and regulatory regimes?

What is responsibility and ownership mean for the technology leader candidate?

How do we intend to help and make the technical leader successful in the job?

If s/he has been hired, and time will tell, leave us, what is the technical leader's plan to enable and sustain the momentum of positive technological change and progress that we’ve achieved for the whole enterprise and, its foreseeable and not so distant future?

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