Learn any of the subject we have at Defensive & Offensive Information Technology (DOIT) and Tek-12 , inbuilt confidence, sustainable know-how, or your preferred technical areas, technical-business or technical-conformance related subject, either that surrounds office or industrial workplace, in which they would be able to readily apply for a rewarding endeavor and with immediate impact.

We want to maximize life's virtues and values and this education initiative which has been designed and developed, by those who has done work themselves with depths of exposures in various industries, who has established and increase human civilities and relations around them, and who has seized what's appropriately and greatly applicable beyond, if not better than the usual prescripts of industry and academe. This accumulation of experience and know-how created a material that is facilitative, definitive, effective and viable for any learner. It is distinctive to the suitability of the learner's appeal and to be guided throughout until it could attune to the more exhaustive, and the quickest path and variance needed for the assimilation of, learning and instructions regardless of the ways that is employed.

Did you know that what makes us different, or unable to comprehend others' ideas and actions or being excessive in prejudices and favoritism, is simply a limitation in our learning processes?

This is a predicament in which it is present to anyone regardless of educational attainment. It is reflective in our learners and teachers wringed propensities. In workplaces, this is easily noticed but not without some restraint from obligation, and exploited brilliance turned swashbuckler in our person.

Any sincere development and progress made and created within these entities is evident to the output of organization's production, and benefits are directly picked up by the people and their community.

IT's not what we must know, IT's how we must know. We must move forward and continue to innovate on and with IT better than the current norm. IT's the fundamental volition behind all ambitious' ventures including that of our living conditions. IT must ennoble humans of realities.

Where will I be after tutorial? Isn't it a charm to fulfill and reach the summit-level of confidence when presented with opportunity to carry out solutions for our businesses? That's where we will be in our IT know-how. It has been achieved before and more of us will be able to do the same. We can do our share, that in our lifetime, we will be able to make IT for everyone a verity. We call that our technical franchise.

As long as this text is live on our website, tutorial seat can be reserved. We will be there and can be contacted here as usual, anytime. Tutorial starts in two weeks upon confirmation of reservation.