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Stakeholders and facilities' reporting, response, resolution, retention and restitution (SAFR5)

The pithy byword and epigram used by stakeholders as a sales pitch shall be seen as such and note that they don't necessarily equate into an effective and realistic SAFR5 effort

Every business and market activity with such an effort have to be designed and operated in a bidirectional, if not multidirectional, manner, not only a post-sale mechanism, wherein both business organizations and individuals, and their customers shall have the best experience in dealing with each other.

Any organization and individual who sells products and services shall have reporting, response and resolution, conclude with retention to the business, even better with restitution, if applicable, an across the board attestation of success, all clearly spelled out for every stakeholder including customer.

Stakeholders responsible in the realization of such an effort must see to it that they are sincere and their intention unique for every customer. Where businesses are unable to fulfill their customer/technical service mandate diligently and judiciously, they shall explain without delay what's happened to the customer, likewise shall be obligated to inform regulators, and seek help from external competent, not popular and not necessarily big pocketed, and independent parties.

A prolonged provisioning, inattentive dispatch and posting of, and unacceptable time frame as against the committed one in the contract before any, response, is tantamount to failure in many cases.

Take regulators as any government agency who has jurisdictions over industries or businesses or, in smaller scale, any organization who self-regulates and has direct responsibility over its stakeholders or employees whose role is to address customers or colleagues' reporting, response and resolution.


What makes a fast, effective and efficient technical or customer service?

How fast are stakeholders have for the customer to report and business to respond and provide resolution to technical or customer inquiries?

Who is responsible for technical and customer reporting and response?

How are businesses responding to customers' reporting either inquiry or complaints?

How are customers being attended to properly with their reporting?

When are resolution(s) have to be available for the customer?

Do businesses have any accountability at all to their failure to resolve customers' reporting?

Are customers being attended to based on business levels they have with the business, and accordingly, categorized for their reporting including when must a response and resolution be addressed?

What shall be the role of regulator(s) to customers' awareness, reporting including inquiry or complaint when it comes to businesses, their products and services?

How effective are businesses and regulators initiative when it comes to customers' reporting, response and resolution?

When shall the regulator(s) act to call out, investigate, fine, takeover including but not limited to revocation of operating licenses for businesses who are failing customers reporting?

What can customers expect from regulators and/or businesses whose reporting and response or inquiries or complaints were not attended to properly and that they had to wait longer than the required time period for resolution?

Where must customers get information about reporting, response and resolution for a business or organization?
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