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Customer excellence and 100% customer satisfaction

We could agree that prudence or in other word, hypervigilant, has been what makes customers implicit to their purchasing decisions. The reason for a purchase either it is more of a personal or business/organizational purpose can be characterized to that of customers that have to follow some criteria and conduct. Without such things in the process, they may mean an unconscious anticipation of a shortcoming obvious or otherwise, not only to stakeholders including the selling and purchasing party, in which timing is very significant and must be understood farther than the exploratory or initial data and stages. 

And customer satisfaction is way beyond purchasing a product or engaging a service which is not necessarily tethered to each one and the other. It should reflect a good, could be a genuine, preparation and ability of stakeholders to achieve a goal and be successful, whatever their purpose for such an acquisition.    

Customers in this context are end-users, buyers, stakeholders including managers, colleagues, friends, relatives, children, constituents who are dependent on, us or the other side of the party, products and services.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

Customer excellence then can be committed and achieved. Customers are the start and end of whatever we do in our business. If customers become convinced with our business, they will continue to bring us opportunity and be with our business for a long time, and not only we can provide them better, we may even expand the business to do more for them, our stakeholders and our community.


How do our businesses makes customer excellence, or start an effective customer service achieving the five nines, a reality when it comes to business- or industrial-technical solutions and services?

What does 99.999% mean for business (products and services) reliability, customer expectations and the possibility of sparse and unsatisfactory experience for some, and why the change?

What is preventing businesses and their people, and unable to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction, what difference is there with five nines? 

Has there been any instance that a customer had not been attended to satisfactorily, if there was, what happened and how did we help at all?

What must we do to address how credible our business at the same time make us more useful to be able to address all sorts of customers we have now and in the future, and their needs as fast as we can, and deserving of a customer, more so on the returning ones?

How can we make 'customer is always right' a true and dependable slogan?

How can we design and operate a customer excellence initiative to be both business-, stakeholder- and customer-centric, creating a fulfilling performance across business-customer value chain and relationships?

How should our business communicate and convey the existence of products, supplies and services available for customers that makes them more knowledgeable for certain?

Can we articulate, a solution's deliverable if we are going to either acquire/provide a product, process or service or any combination thereof, and a successful finished if we are going to apply/build them to further improve the enterprise system and its stakeholders productivity?  

How do we operate our customer service efforts?

What defines our service level agreement (SLA) and what have we committed to customers' best experience?

How many times have we broken our own SLA, and why?

Did we ever recover from our failure based on the terms and conditions stated in the SLA and where such contents are available or posted?

Are the terms and conditions of the SLA cordial towards customers' actual concerns or would rather take the law to be safe?

Who drives our SLA success?

How about customers retention, their motivation to stay with the business, and their appreciation, specific, of our products and services?

Can our customer service people have discriminating knowledge of the business or product and services, as well as customers' argument?

How forthcoming and honest are we when it comes to the faults and issues in our business as customers discovers and raises them, and the phenomenon in the premise of positive, and deficient, experience? 

What did customers get with our business?
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