Crowded, not choked off, but abused

Even the seemingly placid internet experience is unwittingly abused. Can you spot them, no? 

(CID)^2 is our own initiative that will assist all of us further how we would be able to utilized and take advantage of the Internet in a manner that is somewhat clear of wrongdoings. We can only imagine where such things are coming from, honestly, it's everywhere.

We have now stronger, and scope, worldwide including:
1. Cybercrime laws;
2. Content regulations; and
3. Internet security and privacy standards or mechanisms.

Despite these continuing developments, which is positively benefiting all of us, stakeholders, and regardless of the pike we are in, there is mismanagement of these Internet resources and web contents, which is true at present time.

We are going to have instances and scenarios written, based on our own discovery and verification of facts shared to us by the crowd. Soon and when ready, you will find them here.

And, if you are in doubt that your network connectivity, a requirement for your business to operate in its entirety, is not delivering on your expectation please let us know. Together, we can help pinpoint the problem either to your telecommunications/Internet service provider or some entities involved in the operation of relevant resources as your traffic goes through your own network and its intended destination. From experience, there are schemes deliberately designed that cannot be distinguished from the one that's purely established a network to those that runs loop and collects traffic for monetary gain including perpetrating cybercrime. These are intentional, and those that are cleverly done, can be seen only by humans digging on it, not machines. 

In the meantime, find out which are you as stakeholder i.e. individual, business, vendor, carrier, social and what more can we be.
We strive for the best-in-class IT solutions and services, either for business/office software; branches inter-network and connection, an even off telecommunications services or industrial automation and control availing industry 4.0 spectrum or associated technical facilities including but not limited to integrating smart devices along with computers. Shouldn't a digital transformation result to significant, if not total, business transformation? Proper ways exist, yes. Or all of IT and AI/MLs associated initiatives as one bundled set for iclassed to tackle for your business and make compliance--this is real--technically practical! We have them covered for you and ready anytime, get in touch now. We can do it. No ifs and buts.
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