Crowded, not choked off, but abused

(CID)^2 is our own initiative that will assist all of us further how we would be able to utilized and take advantage of the Internet in a manner that is somewhat not abused. We can only imagine where such things are coming from, honestly, it's everywhere.

We have now stronger:
1. Cybercrime laws;
2. Content regulations; and
3. Internet security and privacy standards or mechanisms.

In spite of these continuing improvement, which is benefiting all of us, stakeholders, and regardless of the pike we are in, there are abuses of these Internet resources and web contents, which is true at present time.

We are going to have instances and scenarios written, based on our own discovery and verification of facts shared to us by the crowd. Soon and when ready, you will find them here.

In the meantime, find out which are you as stakeholder i.e. individual, business, vendor, carrier, social and what more can we be.
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