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Warranty and support

Many times over, every organization is faced with the need to acquire, hire and/or retain support which includes information systems-related customer and technical assistance, prolonged and lifetime-if-not-extended warranty of products including hardware and software related purchases, assurance of services performed by people or by business software application subscriptions and licenses. This is depending on the need to do so whether we are after a less problematic, if not a flawless, operation and that our system(s), no matter what happens and for whatever reasons, shall not be disrupted as often as when they are simply being watched, or managed, by organization's internal staff.

For extended warranty of products, this is an exception, considering it requires both improve functional and operating performance as well as security setting, which is a norm to a lot of business applications.

These questions with this particular subject, are not like the others which is a mixture of 5W's (who, what, when, where, why), the how's and some more about eliciting some kind of formulation to be better in such efforts.  

These questions are about the why's and it wasn't our intention to go beyond it. Take note that systems here simply denotes the overall enterprise technology efforts which may composed of individual and specialized platform(s) and application(s), if not a combination thereof.


Why do we need extended warranty for our systems?

Why would our vendors, suppliers and third-party service providers ask that we buy extended warranty? 

Why do we get vendors, suppliers and third-party service providers to do the critical support for our systems?

Why is it that vendors and suppliers seemed to be more competitive and enterprising than us?

Why didn't we design, and integrate capabilities, in our operations to minimize, if not eliminate, the effort dedicated to support complaints?

Why not learn what needs to be done to support our systems?

Why don't we, if able to, internally support, or manage the overall support of, our very own systems?

Why can't we and are we not able to support our very own systems?

Why can't we zero in on support complaints?

Why are complaints persistent on the same particular issue?

Why do we get the same complaints over and over?

Why can other organizations operate and support their own systems?

Why are the differences in our organizations' ability to do the support?

Why do we need specific (external human) support for our systems?
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