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Technical consultant's contract choices

Herewith are Options to explore how you and your company may want to engage our independent consulting and training practitioners, which will be directly represented and dealt with by iclassed. In this document is personified by <<Mr/s>>, unless otherwise, your company will elect its own person of preference, in which iclassed will have limited or broader functions with the following Options.

Option 1.     System (part-and-parcel or the specific whole of, IT infrastructure or business software solution) acquisition and architecture only, a monthly 12-hour package, PhP134,400.

Option 2.     Core platforms (per physical or clustered server, internetwork service and equipment, hardware appliance, software application or cloud instance and major function or technology/business purpose) exhaustive implementation of correlated technologies, a direct result of collective system, and enabling/provisioning of built-in or available business features, security and privacy mechanism only, a maximum of monthly 20-hour work period equivalent, PhP302,000.

Option 2-a.     Core platforms. If 10-hour was used for the monthly equivalent period, fees shall be adjusted automatically to PhP77,800. Any of the already acquired two (2) differentiated solutions and services in “
𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 Document” (see Who we are - iclassed or the TABSFEER 10x which will soon be made available here as well) which specific scope preferred by customer, if any, may need to be evaluated first before any work and advance payment can proceed.

Option 3.     Training, for 1-day course equivalent PhP77,000; 2-day PhP102,000; 3-day PhP135,300.

This will cover specific area(s), for example any or all our IT solutions and services or technology architecture and business strategy (TABS) in the case of a direct enterprise or organization as a client, please see “iclassed Document”. It can be made and explored for your team to understand what it would be like to be handling such a product or investment of yours, if not for your clients, and how they can manage the dynamics of deal making, and technical execution if your team need to, as per customers’ doing business with your company.

If a different document will be used, one week is required prior to the approval of engagement and scheduled delivery of training.

If Option 3 is selected, an advance payment, half of the proposed amount, shall be issued three (3) days prior the scheduled training date. Another half shall be paid immediately after the training within the same day.

Option 4.     Consulting including Options 1 and 2 or 2-a. It constitutes the whole of IT solutions and services or TABS which will be delivered completely, based on prior agreement, with responsibilities including acquisition and implementation or integration of both system and core platforms.

Option 5.     Consulting, managed services or IT management, operating policies and knowledge-based development including instructional or operations manual and Options 1 up to 4 or all the above, a monthly 35-hour packaged, PhP528,350.  

This will cover areas of business/industries-IT engagement included are related applications in commercial offices and industrial constructs, which can be used to help your company and its clients achieve satisfactory results in their technology investments. The best thing about this option is it bolsters knowledge and skills, beneficial for teams i.e. operations, sales including but not limited to technical teams, and that these can be made as a requirement for them as they familiarize themselves on their market offerings and competitions while learning and developing various business cases for customers as well as prospects. In a way that affirms existent and attainable objectives, which will serve the company significantly and further its business fundamentals as they are written and acted upon, accordingly, without surprises.

If Option 5 is selected, an equivalent of one (1) month shall be issued, with which work starts the next day, upon receipt and verification of payment, therefore.

Option 6.     A one-time or project delivery engagement just to deal with any of the Options 1, 2, 2-a and 5. Limited warranty of work is 6 months where your company need not to pay extra aside from the approved contract including questions and answers as well as very little technical assistance and operational validation, if not done yet, will be provided. Conduct and fees shall be negotiated according to the size of project and contract with the minimum time period of 10 hours as a basic requirement.  

Option 7.     A big-ticket with somewhat complicated project design, costing, build, operation and relevant stakeholders' engagement, working either with elaborate business process re-engineering and development, ERP class business application no matter the needed scale, IT infrastructure including but not limited to compute, storage, network and security provisioning, or customer service and relation’s capacity building, or any combination thereof as stated within Option 7, and that would mean new with your company or clients and have not captured fundamental requirements and developed any ideas for effective and efficient acquisition either for technology or business solutions and services or with the inclination to apply TABS depending on industry specifics and particular business-and-use cases. The resulting document, which will include the design, build, operation and significant roles pre-requisites to run and maintain such system, shall serve as the basis for project conclusion and successful completion of all deliverables. A minimum time period of 30 hours is required.

Option 8.     This Option is necessary if after the maximum number of hours for a month has been consumed and payments was issued immediately, or the next scheduled release of payment therefor after a week following the issuance of succeeding billing statements, would need
𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 or its representative to continue working. That billing statement shall be sent immediately as soon as the maximum number of hours agreed monthly has been consumed with corresponding services and related evidence as a result of said billing and this purpose regardless if engagement is still within the same month as prior billing statements.

Option 9.     On-call. Will be computed hourly with PhP11,550. Based on the above-mentioned responsibilities, we shall be specific which must be applicable for this Option. If no Option can be accommodated, we shall discuss further and develop the engagement document and contract just in case provisions required by the enterprise client will have varied broadly.  

If Option 9 is selected and a contract is made, which will allow you to purchase hours equivalent to 24 hours minimum, and which will then be used and consumed to on-call services to be made later, an hourly fee shall be PhP11,550. On-call services are performed with minimum of 3 hours every engagement, attended physically or onsite, and 1 hour if attended virtually, whether or not the said minimum hours were exhausted.  

Where applicable, billing will be sent immediately as soon as the number of hours required has been delivered or in the case of Option 9, purchase hours have been exhausted or in consideration of client preference in which involved parties has prior agreement and approval.

Option 10. Business conformance.
It is conducted semi-annually or annually. With choices on the number of hours that can be opted and the advance purchase of either 48 hours recommended for smaller organizations or 72 hours for big and multinational companies. The selected hours will be staggered and distributed according to business schedules and preferences. It is at present on promotional period. Professional fee, during this period until last day of its first year, is considerably very sparing. Business conformance posting is 15 June 2021, the same day we start offering it.

Separate billing statements and delayed payments must not exceed or be more than three (3) for the same client company in a month.

Once an Option has been selected and this proposal has been approved, the
𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 consultant-in-contract (CiC) shall need few interactions, most of the time 1 hour max, if not quicker, or the spur-of-the-moment scenario, with your team to understand how such consulting, and in the case for training, can be started and developed and where it could be more beneficial for them and in their entire efforts, applicable individually, for principals, the relevant stakeholders and organizationally.

In order for any work to begin an advance payment or prior purchase of hours analogous to the selected Option shall be required. Work will then start in the next day or two after validation of payment or purchase, and schedules can then be drawn out and agreed upon for the entire engagement.


This is for a one-person fee only. Payments shall be made to <<
𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 Authorized Consultant's Name>>, <<TIN#>>. All advance fees made is considered expended if the contract has been concluded or terminated prematurely regardless of reasons. Exclusive and/or net of all applicable taxes. Official receipts will be provided as proof of financial transactions. If 𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉 or authorized independent consultant or practitioner and client needs additional team members, their fees shall be negotiated differently.

Take note that 𝖎𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖉, the tradename owned by Mr. Rodel Urani for authorized business entities and services are actualized with consented and entitled individuals or independent consultant or practitioners, to considerably tackle the entire or specific lifecycle of enterprise technology investment including acquisition, implementation and management (elaboration of these aspects and expectations can be found in our website: The gist and where the integral whole can be made to function and operate as a collective system, not separate parts, of any of the above options especially Option 5. This is with exception to major software development effort which can be designed, engineered and integrated synchronously or otherwise, with separate budget, with these stated Options herein. 

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