Language and vocabulary

As early as we embarked on our IT consulting, we realized we had to keep track on, develop, and be clear in, our own language. These are very important as we convey our work. With these languages we don't only understand their meaning but we can also act upon them, and what can be expected in our deliverables if clients would engage our work.

8Ps for purpose, people, product, policy, process, procurement, period, produce

Acquisition, implementation and management

Business IT or Business and IT infrastructure

Compliance, administrative and technical

Competitive business, seamless technology

DOIT for Defensive and Offensive IT

FEAST for fast, efficient, accurate, seamless, technical

iclassed, for Intelligently-strategic Cyber/connected|powered Land, Air, Sea, Space Environmental Domains

IT and contiguous facilities

IT's cool to code or IT’s nerd to code

IT’s decision makers dilemma

IT’s the business no matter what

IT’s worth the time and investment

Standardization, an internal fashion, conformance (or compliance), a habit

vCEOS for veracious, coherent, effective, organize, sensible or virtual CEOS

We consult and educate

We deliver, you use IT
We strive for the best-in-class IT solutions and services, either for business/office software; branches internetwork and connection, an even off telecommunications services or industrial automation and control or associated technical facilities including but not limited to integrating smart devices along with computers and otherwise, we have them covered for you and ready anytime. Or all of IT associated initiatives as one bundled set for iclassed to tackle for your business and compliance needs! We can do it. No ifs and buts.
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